Thursday, May 24, 2007

More Teeth!

I forgot to post this earlier but baby girl now has her 4th tooth and is starting to look more and more like a little person as opposed to a gummy old lady! Her 2nd top front tooth came in around Tuesday this week!

Tom also caught her up on her knees in the crib the other day playing with her crib toy. She is sitting up on her very well now and it takes almost no effort for her to do so. She gets around very well and very quickly!

Emily and Ryan are the highlights of our lives and they bring so much joy. Ryan has been such a great big brother and he's so helpful and thoughtful in making sure everything gets carried out to the car and back into the house for all of our weekend adventures. And, Emily loves her big brother. Even though she's lost most of their staring contests so far, she LOVES staring at him! (I'm not quite sure she understands the rules yet and with an attention span as long as mine she finds something else to look at to distract her from the game.)

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