Friday, June 08, 2007

Another update...

I'm beginning to realize there is a direct correlation with the mobility of a child and the number of blog entries posted. Now, I've never been a math major (thank goodness!) but it seems the faster my kid moves the slower I become at keeping my blog updated. Emily has been crawling with a furry and has become quite proficient at it. We have gated off our living room so she is typically confined to this area while we're hanging out at home. In other news, you have my deepest apologies for that and I hope to beg your forgiveness by posting pictures today of a few things you've missed over the past couple of weeks!

Two weeks ago, Emily was pulling herself up on my pant legs and my pant legs only in order to get up into a standing position. Last week, she started pulling up on the couch, toys, gates, crib and anything else she could get her tiny little hands on. This girl loves to be standing tall! A couple of weeks ago we had to work with her in PT to learn to shift her weight from one leg to the other in order to start "walking" forward. After a few tries at that she learned it on her own. Now, she loves to hold onto our fingers and walk everywhere. It won't be much longer and she'll be doing this on her own. Look out world! She's coming to get you!

- - - - - -

Emily has several different ways she soothes herself to sleep. When we first brought her home from Kazakhstan she would put 2 or 3 fingers in her mouth with her hand turned upside down. We haven't seen that move in a while and now she mostly puts the back of her hand, her wrist or her forearm up to her lips. Sometimes she sucks on her arm or hand but mostly she just barely touch her lips and that seems to do the trick.

Once she has worked her magic she falls off into a sweet slumber bliss.

Speaking of sleeping... Emily still greets me with a smile each morning when I go in to get her from her crib. The other day she was really zonked out from the night before. Welcome to Emily's new sleeping position!

We usually start our days by playing while I work on getting our breakfast ready. She's getting much more flexible and is able to not only sit up on her own now but she's also sitting on her knees to play.

Ryan and Emily have been becoming best buds. She loves to watch him and they frequently make faces at each other and have staring contests. I spend some time on Sunday mornings getting coffee ready for the worship café and Ryan is quick to help with keeping his sister occupied.

Emily's teeth are coming in more and more each day. She's in the process switching from formula to whole milk and we are eating more and more big people food each day as well. Here's a big toothie grin for y'all!

We have a new swing in the backyard that Em got for her birthday from Grandma and Grandpa. She likes to hold on while she's swinging and we're glad that she does!

Our church had a cookout this week and here are some snaps of the fun!

Until next time... Be Blessed!
Tom and Jenni

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Marla Edington said...

Yeah, for Emily! Walking with your help!!! She's doing such a good job! I saw little Abbie walking with her mommy in her driveway the other day too!

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