Monday, June 11, 2007

Video to Share

I ran across this Mark Schultz video today and really enjoyed it. I am so thankful to Emily's birth mom for the gift that she gave to her daughter and our family. We don't know much about Emily's birth mom and what we do know we will share in a loving manner when Emily is ready to hear about her. Emily will know that she has been adopted and that her birth mom loved her so much that she went to a maternity hospital to make sure that Emily got the proper care she needed when it was time for her to be born (10 weeks early). I can't imagine how scared she might have been or how difficult it might have been for her to leave Emily in the care of the doctors and nurses in the hospital. We are forever grateful.

Lyrics - "Everything to Me" by Mark Schultz

I must have felt your tears
When they took me from your arms
I’m sure I must have heard you say goodbye
Lonely and afraid had you made a big mistake
Could an ocean even hold the tears you cried

But you had dreams for me
You wanted the best for me
And you made the only choice you could that night

You gave life to me
A brand new world to see
Like playing baseball in the yard with dad at night
Mom reading Goodnight Moon
And praying in my room
So if you worry if your choice was right
You gave me up but you gave everything to me

And if I saw you on the street
Would you know that it was me
And would your eyes be blue or green like mine
Would we share a warm embrace
Would you know me in your heart

Or would you smile and let me walk on by
Knowing you had dreams for me
You wanted the best for me
And I hope that you’d be proud of who I am

You gave life to me
A chance to find my dreams
And a chance to fall in love
You should have seen her shining face
On our wedding day
Oh is this the dream you had in mind
When you gave me up
You gave everything to me

And when I see you there
Watching from heaven’s gates
Into your arms
I’m gonna run
And when you look in my eyes
You can see my whole life
See who I was
And who I’ve become



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