Thursday, June 28, 2007

Good Book, Sockhead?

Today was interesting. Emily was awake at her normal time and we had a fairly normal morning together. She has been a lot more clingy lately and even more so today. I saw something that really scared me though...

This picture was taken on April 19th... and the exersaucer was set on the lower height.

The picture below was taken today. The exersaucer was raised up a notch (about 2 inches) about 2 weeks ago.. and her legs still look extra long!

Oi vey! My baby's growing up! Tom and I have actually noticed that she has seemed a lot longer recently and the physical therapist confirmed out theory on Friday and said that she has tightened up slightly again. As of today, most of her pants and shorts are anywhere from 3-6 months to 6-9 months. Her waist is still fairly small and anything bigger than that falls off of her. Her onesies are mostly 6-9 mos. and we're squeezing in a few 12 mos. onesies so we can get some extra wear and tear out of them over the summer.

In other news, part of our shopping spree earlier this week involved getting a new book with mirrors in it. Emily loves looking at "babies" and especially the one that smiles back at her! She spent quite a bit of time this afternoon looking through all of her books and she definitely has a special liking for her newest acquisition.

She adds a whole new meaning to the line, "Mmmmm, this is a really good book!"

And, yes, that would be part of the book cover residing on her chin! Nothing like a little extra fiber!

Not only was our tall, book-eating baby extra clingy today but she was also playing with other weird things in the house. For some reason, she took a special interest in my socks tonight! She's recently been fascinated with putting hats, links and teething rings on her head and gave me the goofiest look when she decided that my socks needed to go on her head as well! ...that was after she flailed them around like cheerleader pom-poms and sucked all the shoe juice out of them! Ewwww. And, yes, I watched her do that briefly before I snatched them away from her. She giggled at my attempt.

Oh, and I don't have a picture for this... but I learned late in the day why she was so clingy... tooth #6 (4th one on the bottom) was coming in today. She preferred to be held most of the evening. I was sitting on the floor with her hugging my neck when she decided it was time for her to get down. She crawled out of my lap and the second her toes hit the carpet she started crying like I had abandoned her and made a beeline for my neck. This one seems more painful for her than the previous 5 teeth.

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