Sunday, November 04, 2007

Eavesdropping on the baby monitor...

I have to say, Emily's baby monitor has provided quite a bit of entertainment since we got it shortly after we brought Emily home.

There was the time when she was about 10 mos. old and I woke up in the middle of the night to hear Emily singing Jingle Bells. Well, okay, actually it was a little girl whose music I had downloaded to my iPod and left the thing playing all night long.

I've been laying down for a nap and had the pleasure of overhearing Tom reading to Emily and playing with her in her room.

I've heard Emily having "Italian conversations" with the baby in the mirror that's on the side of her crib. These have been fun to witness as well because Emily talks with her hands and drops her voice and her head down really low as she chatters.

Most mornings, Emily wakes up and plays for at least a half hour in her crib before I go in to get her. She loves the mirror on her crib and practices all kinds of words and sounds. She still doesn't say a lot of words yet... basically just Hi, Mmmmm (for food), and Baa. Which brings me to what I overheard on the monitor this morning.

I was lying in bed at 6:00am and through the baby monitor I could hear our cat, Spencer, meowing outside Emily's bedroom door. Spencer's "meow" was promptly followed by Emily's "baa". Spencer would meow again and Emily would baa in response. This went back and forth at least 5 or 6 times until Spencer surely got bored and found something else to entertain himself. Emily certainly could have carried on for a few more rounds!


SusyTheGirl said...

loving that Emily and Spencer are having these talks...

cute story!!

Michelle & Laura said...

I think Emily's first 4-H project should be showing sheep. Baaaa! Maybe she can board them in papa's barn. Guess that might still be a few years away though.

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