Friday, November 02, 2007

Trick-or-Treat and SHOTS?!?

Here are some early pictures for Lynne, who gave Emily her Christmas antlers. Thanks, Lynne! Here's Emily putting them on all by herself!

Emily celebrated her first Beggar's Night this year. We didn't take her out trick-or-treating this year... we'll save that for when she's a bit older and can actually eat the candy she's been given. She "helped" us pass out candy to all the kids that came to visit. She wasn't even phased by all the oddly dressed people that kept coming up to our house. She kept busy playing with Grandma and Papa G. and emptying all the suckers out of the pumpkin container and putting them back in.

What did she dress up as? Well, the weather was so nice that for much of the night she had on a fun pumpkin shirt and then it eventually got covered up by her coat when the sun went down. Here's a picture of Em shortly before we ventured outside to pass out candy.

You can tell by Emily's nose that she's still fighting her cold. We ran out of the Tylenol that her pediatrician had recommended the last time she had a cold and since nearly all children's cold medicines have been taken off the shelves we left with being able to give her baby Tylenol that's simply for fever or we can give her children's Benedryl which is an allergy medicine. We have resorted to Benedryl to try to get her nose to dry up and we've been running a humidifier at night. She's been handling her cold very well and the only time she fusses is when we try to clean up her nose. Then, she's a real wiggle worm!

Today, Emily had her 18 mos. check-up (a couple weeks early). She got 3 more shots, including a flu shot. She did not enjoy having her heart listened to by the nurse or pediatrician and she really didn't appreciate us holding her down when she being a human pin cushion. We actually had to recruit another nurse to come in and help us hold her down... because as the doctor said, "She a strong one!" Not only is she strong, but she's a heavy one! Emily now weighs 21 lbs. and is 31 3/4" tall. Our baby's growing up!

Emily was pretty sleepy this afternoon and evening. She ended up sleeping for an hour and a half this morning and then took a 3 hour nap in the afternoon... which is 3 times longer than normal right now! They said she might be more tired because of the flu shot and might have minor flu symptoms for the next day or 2. Great. She was pretty warm tonight. I hope she's feeling better tomorrow!

Well, enough for now... I'm off to bed! Take care and be blessed!

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SusyTheGirl said...

look at that cute little blondie. hope she feels better soon!

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