Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Mutiny of the Toys

They're all out to get me! Nearly every single toy that takes batteries in this house is possessed!

I don't know how they did it or what kind of meetings have been going on in this house when I'm asleep but all of Em's toys are making sour music and talking to me without being moved or touched. It's really weird that they would all die at the same time.

I bought the huemungo pack of AA batteries at the store yesterday and when I changed the batteries in Em's toy sax (from Amy K!), Ernie started yelling, "Hooray, Terrific, Way To Go". Now, tell me that's not creepy!

Along with battling possessed toys all week we've been battling boogies. Emily has a cold and is sounding really congested right now. She doesn't like to have us come near her nose and is coughing off and on but other than that she's doing great. With all the media attention on children's cold medicines being pulled off the shelves, I called her pediatrician to find out what I should be giving. I also spoke with the pharmacist about what was going on. We were recommended to use just regular baby Tylenol if she just has a fever but we can use baby Benadryl and a humifier if she's having other problems. The pharmacist said we would be okay using the Tylenol we had left over from her previous cold as long as we had a dosage from her pediatrician. She said that the meds were basically being pulled from the shelves because parents were guessing at dosages without consulting a doctor. So... that's what we're doing. We have a regular 18 mos. check up with Em's pediatrician (with shots) on Friday so he can make sure she's doing okay.

Tomorrow is Halloween and Em is going to "help" us pass out candy at our house this year. She's not eating candy yet and I refuse to be one of those parents that push their itty-bitty kid up to someone's house in a stroller and make the kid beg for the munchies. You know darn well that kid isn't going to reap an ounce of the benefits when they get home! She'll be wearing a festive jack-o-lantern shirt over her warm duds or if it gets really cold I might just dress her up in her snowsuit from Kaz and she can go as a blue Kazakh Snow Bunny. I can already tell she'll just be thrilled. Uh-huh. ;-)


Michelle & Laura said...

Babies and candy ... just doesn't mix does it?? We've considered handing out teething biscuits in those special circumstances.

Anonymous said...

I hope Emily is feeling better soon! which outfit did she go with for trick or treat night??

Hope the possessed toys have all been rejuvinated through the power of new batteries!


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