Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Scorched Nips! Oh, My!

So, did the title of today's entry catch your attention?

It's lunch time again and I'm filtering through some old pictures on my laptop and just had to share this one with you! I don't think many have seen this picture yet.

I took this while we were in Almaty, Kazakhstan, just about a week or so after we had custody of Emily. We were staying in a really cool apartment in a quiet part of town and were really enjoying the scenery outside out apartment windows. We didn't get many TV stations in English from this apartment so I spent a lot of my time looking out the windows, watching groups of young people walk up and down the street. The temperatures were pretty mild... similar to our early springtime here in Ohio. And, because of that we had our windows open and I was drawn to the sights and sounds outside even more.

Anyway! (...shaking my head to jog my thoughts back to reality -- the real reason I'm jotting all this down...) While I'm daydreaming out that living room window and wondering what it would be like to live in this unique town in Kazakhstan, my sweet, lovable hubby looks up from the TV and asks what I'm cooking in the kitchen. Oh, shoot! Now I'm back to reality! I just remembered I had put some of Emily's bottle rings and nipples in a pan of water on the gas stove to be sterilized.... I made a mad dash to the kitchen to discover that I had REAAALLY sterilized those puppies.... beyond recognition even!

That brownish, formerly rubbery thing at the top used to be part of Emily's bottle - the nipple, and the white rock solid puddle at the bottom is the bottle ring and what I like to call permanently stuck to the bottom of the pan!

There wasn't a single drop of water left in that pan by the time I got to it and there was no way I was gonna be able to get that stuff out of the pan... let alone attempt to cook in it again. Unfortunately, this pan didn't live to see the next day and we were a nipple and ring short for the remainder of the trip because these were brought from home.

Fine Print: no animals, children or nuclear plants were harmed in the making of this photo...


Michelle & Laura said...

ha, ha !!!
Thank goodness you cook mac & cheese better than that!

Anonymous said...

Cute post entry! I hope you were cooking something when you did this entry!! LOL. Thanks for the memory!!


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