Thursday, October 11, 2007

Steps, Hisses & Kisses

This week Emily has been playing with a lot of new skills.

She began trying her hand at climbing the stairs in our house over the last week or two and now she can climb a whole flight of stairs without hardly thinking about it. This is where our lives start getting scary because she can climb them really fast. We've been trying to keep the door to the upstairs closed so they aren't even a temptation for her. We have to keep working on coming down the stairs. She enjoys going up so much that she gets really cranky when it's time to come down. She either wants to go down face first or not at all and that's the safest thing for her to do. We're trying to teach her to get down off the furniture and to go down steps on her tummy.

Emily has also started making a new sound that sounds like a combination of a cat hiss and a big sigh. It's pretty funny. She opens her mouth really wide and then exhales. We'll have to catch this one on tape for you.

When I stopped in to pick Emily up at Grandma and Papa's after work she began kissing goodbye. Usually this involves smacking her lips together without really pickering them or she attempts to throw kisses without moving her hand away from her mouth. Today she tried a new trick and actually leaned in to Grandpa's cheek and pressed her open lips up against it. I tried it with her again tonight to see if it was a coincidence and she turned European on me. She "kissed" one cheek, leaned over to my other cheek and did the same thing and then went back to the first cheek and "kissed" it again. We'll keep working on this one!

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Michelle & Laura said...

Steps ... I've been thinking about Emily going down steps for a couple of days and I think I've come up with a safety measure. Since Em likes hats so well, I think I'm going to get her a little Buckeye football helmet to wear around the house. With that in place, if she should decide to try going downstairs without supervision - she'll be protected!!

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