Sunday, November 18, 2007

Officially One and a Half

Last week, Emily officially turned 1 1/2. All along when people have asked how old our daughter is, we've felt the need to give her age in months. "She's 10 mos. old." "She's 13 mos. old." "She's 17 mos. old." Now, I believe she's officially "a year and a half old" until she reaches that magic age of "almost tw0". When does that happen?

Now that Emily is a year and a half, I'll fill you in on some of her great accomplishments...

Emily can identify:
• her hair
• her eyes
• her ears
• her nose (and she likes to point to the inside of her nose with her primary digit!)
• her mouth
• her tummy (but she can't just pat it, she has to lift up her shirt to prove to you that it's really there)

Emily can also tell you what various animals, people and random objects do. Here they are in order of appearance...
• What does a sheep say? -- "Baa"
• What does Papa's mower say? -- "bpbpbpb" (Sounds like you're playing a tuba - How do you spell that??)
• What do Papa's tires do? -- "tssssss" (Papa was filling his tires with air while Em was in the garage.)
• What does a goat say? -- "Ahahaha" (This sounds like she's clearing her throat.)
• What does RyRy say? -- (She responds with lip smacking kisses.)
• What does Daddy say? -- (She responds with kisses or "tells secrets".)
• What does a rooster say? -- (This one's a hoot... apparently roosters have very serious conversations in higher pitched voices... but they say the same thing each time we ask! It sounds something like "Ahroowawoo")
• She is also still fascinated with overhead lights, ceiling fans and now light switches (...thanks to Papa who lets her turn them off and on frequently but never would have let me do that as a kid!).
• She also recognizes sign language for eat, drink and milk and will sign the word "more" if you ask her if she wants more of something.

Some of her favorite foods:
Milk, Juice, Ice Water, Oatmeal, Cheerios, Lima Beans, Sweet Potatoes, Corn, Potatoes, Applesauce, Yogurt, Peaches, Mandarin Oranges, Beef, Turkey, Fish Sticks, Chicken, Ham, Bread, Animal Crackers... and so much more.

Her favorite toys:
Books, Shape Sorters, Balls, most anything with music and lights

Her comforts:
Bear and Blankie in her crib, and Mommy, Daddy and Ryan when we are out and about.

Emily's walking has taken off and she getting really good at learning to steady herself so she doesn't fall. She still takes a spill here and there but overall we're so excited to see how far she come in the past 10 mos. Our little girl, who couldn't sit up on her own until she was about 10 1/2 mos. old, can now walk around on her own and gets very excited about it.

She was just starting to get over her shiner and then took a spill at Grandma and Papa's earlier this past week and scuffed up her upper lip a bit and got a bloody nose. We were scheduled to have some family pictures taken this weekend and opted to postpone them a couple of weeks so she has time to recoop. It's getting better and I can't resist teasing my mom about delivering Emily in the mornings -- wrapped in bubble wrap. Bumps and scrapes are all a part of learning to walk but I have a feeling that Mom would have her house covered in rubber bumpers if she could.

Emily is becoming more and more toddler-like. Now that she's able to walk around like a big girl she's getting more independent each week. She likes to walk around at church on her own and explore the open spaces but she still likes to have me close by if she falls or if too many kids want to be all around her at the same time. She loves her big brother and takes comfort in him when he picks her up, holds her or plays with her. She even cried this afternoon when he got out of the car to go back to his house when we dropped him off. She LOVES her RyRy.

I apologize for this entry being so long but it will eventually make it into her memory book. Thanks for the memories!

Take care and be blessed! More photos coming soon... I promise!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jenni!
Thanks for the post on our blog! It's great to hear from you!!
Emily is beautiful - and really is quite amazing!! Hopefully, Joshua will catch up to her in the hair dept!! :) And, yes, our holy water came from Olga, our translator- was from her church in Uralsk. It was very special to have it. Stay in touch - I will too! Happy Thankgiving!! Amy

SusyTheGirl said...

don't apologize for writing "too much" ~~ I'd like to read even more!


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