Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Loves of her life...

Emily LOVES exploring...

Lately it's involved looking through her dresser drawers and bringing me shirts, shorts, and pajamas one piece at a time. This week she found the next drawer up... the one with all the "hair pretties" in it. She brought out a couple of sandwich baggies full of barrettes, clips, etc. And better yet, she actually pushed for me to put one after the other in her hair. I think we ended up with over 30 in her hair and she kept them in for at least 30 minutes. A new record!

Emily LOVES her daddy.

After letting me put a thousand barrettes in her hair, Emily decided to try on some of Daddy's shoes. She decided they were very "Biiiiiii(g)" and heavy and didn't even try taking off with them.

Emily LOVES babies!

Our friends, Keith and Jessica, came over on Friday night with their kids Jonas and Kael. Emily was thrilled. She loves pointing our Kael in her picture album that travels with us in her diaper bag and on Friday she got to meet Kael's baby brother for the first time. She was so gentle with him and couldn't seem to plant enough kisses on him.

Emily LOVES her RyRy!

After church today, we all seemed to crash at the house. Emily woke up a bit early from her nap and was happy to find her big brother, Ryan, napping on the couch. She held off as long as she could (about 30 seconds) and then crawled up on the couch and sat on top of him so she could be closer to him. She REALLY loves her RyRy (and I think the feeling's mutual).


Michelle & Laura said...

Good blog ... but, you may want to reread the baby entry. We think there may be a word missing after diaper ?!?! But it is your call.

SusyTheGirl said...

Very Cute!!!

love the 1000 hair embellishments and the sitting on brother photo! I like that Ryan continued to lounge....


A 5 time mom said...

What a sweet post and how cute that she let you put all those cute clips in her hair.

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