Thursday, August 07, 2008

Vacation Pix and Spaghetti

We were on vacation last week in Hessel, Michigan. It's in the Les Cheneaux Islands in the Upper Peninsula. Here are some pictures from the week....

You know how you take a camera with you somewhere and you forget to get it out? Oops... my camera was neglected for a couple of days until I felt like playing with the settings late one evening. There's an awesome nighttime setting that lets me play with shutter speed. We really didn't have astroids falling to earth that night, but it turned out to make a cool picture!

Another fun one on the dock at night.

Emily made friends with the kitty in the window and
checked for it each time she passed the window.

Emily loved playing in the driveway that ran in
front of our cabins. Rocks/stones are her favorites!

A typical day in Hessel, Michigan... doing a whole lot of nothing.

The shirt and the grin say it all!

The ramp to the office was a big
highlight of the week for Miss Em!

Forgive me Ryan, but it looks like you've got one
killer disco move going on here. Seriously though,
great job! Your practicing is really paying off!

Are you supposed to be able to bend that way?

My favorite time of day in Michigan -- dawn.

Couldn't miss posting a picture
of those cute little piggies!

An annual picture for me when I make it up to Hessel... Sunset on the Lake.

And, last but not least... not a vacation picture but a fun shot from supper tonight. Emily enjoys spaghetti and has an interesting technique. Bite the BIIIIG noodle in the middle, then eat little, itty-bitty bites of each side until it's all gone.

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Anonymous said...

love the spaghetti pic and the disco/skating move pic and the Michigan dawn pic....

well, loved ALL of the pics, Jenni. Looks like a wonderful vacation!


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