Wednesday, September 03, 2008

...nothing to do with Emily

As the title says, this story has nothing to do with Emily but it happened last night and it made me chuckle.

We have a 1st grade boy at church named Bryce who has become my buddy. He makes sure he finds me every Sunday morning to give me a hug. That's the "who". Here's the "what".

Our church held it's monthly community/family meal last night. I was sitting around the table with Bryce, his mom and several other friends and we were catching up and sharing kid stories. Apparently, I was monopolizing his mom. He quietly got up from his seat, walked clear around to the opposite corner of the table, tapped me on the arm, and as he leaned in he loudly whispered, "Excuse me, can you please stop talking to my mom so I can say something?!?"

Now I've heard his mom tell him on several occasions not to interrupt her when she was talking. Looks like he found the loophole!

Again, as in my "Cranky Emily post" what could I do, but hug him, plaster a big grin on my face and oblige his request? (He DID say "thank you" as he walked back to his seat!)

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