Monday, September 01, 2008

Saturday's Zoo Trip

We really didn't have any advanced plans for this long Labor Day weekend and it was kind of nice. On Saturday morning, we ALL slept in! We were pretty lazy and then decided mid-morning that we might like to take a trip to the zoo. This is where the joys of a zoo membership come into play... we can go for just a few hours whenever we want!

I thought Em was old enough and mobile enough
this time around to try out the petting zoo. She
loved it and probably would have spent the rest
of the day there if we had let her.

I promise... there was no prompting in the above
picture. I was surprised when I turned around
to see that Emily felt the goat should be wearing
her hat. It was very accommodating.

We also found 1 lamb in the mix of all the goats.
Boy, was it soft... and mellow!

We also tried out the train ride and it was a hit!

And, we made sure we visited Daddy's favorite - the Red Panda.

Although I don't have pictures of it this time, we did visit one of Emily's favorites -- the aquarium. Tom's opening comment as we walked in... "Forget about the stroller, you now have a battering ram in your hands." It was a wee bit crowded and certainly the ratio of people to strollers had to be about 2 to 1. I was content to hang back with Em and let her see the big picture of the tank. Tom felt she needed to get right to the glass and took the reins... or the battering ram by the...horns?

She loved pointing out the biiiiig fish and the itty-bitty fish with Daddy. After a few minutes, I noticed there was a diver in the tank and he was feeding the fish. He swam down to the corner where Emily was parked and waved at all the kids. He waved specifically at her and she was thrilled and blew him a kiss. To which he responded with a blown kiss back at her. After he climbed out of the tank and Emily had had her fill of fish watching, we rammed our way out of the aquarium and mosied back to the car.

It was a wonderful afternoon to hang out as a family and we all took a big family nap when we got home.

The End. ;-)

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SusyTheGirl said...

cute story!!

LOVE the pic of Emily putting the hat on the goat...LOL

the aquarium is one of my favorite spots at the zoo as well. Good choice, Emily!

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