Saturday, September 20, 2008

Of Storms, Speech and Bunny Slippers!

Just a quick (yeah, right) wrap up of our week in this post.

On Sunday afternoon we had the remnants of Hurricane Ike sweep through Ohio. There was quite a bit of damage in southern Ohio and by the time it came to us it still had quite a bit of power behind it. We were very blessed and only had a couple of limbs come down in the backyard. Others in our neighborhood had trees snapped off at the base, trees laying across roads and shingles flying off roofs. We had a big enough limb come down in the backyard that we had to have a friend come over and cut it up with a chainsaw and then we hauled the rest of the branches to the curb for the village to pick up. Our pile is a little tough to distinguish from the pine tree in the picture. The pine tree is on the other side of the road...the branches are in our yard in front of Tom's car... the pile made his SUV look really small.

On Fridays we have speech therapy. Here is a picture and a short video clip of what goes on there. About 20 seconds into the video you'll hear Em say "What is that?" She heard something in the next room that distracted her a bit.

We also took a road trip into town for supper on Friday night and along the way we had some conversations with Emily... enjoy!

Emily also outgrew her fun slippers from last year and since her daddy likes to keep the temperature in our house like a suburb of Antarctica I thought maybe a new pair of slippers would be in order for this fall and winter. Emily liked them in the store, didn't want to wear them when we got home and wouldn't take them off when it was time to go to bed. Who could pass on this pair of slippers....

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