Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Birthday Post - Should've been posted a couple weeks ago

Tom wasn't able to be with us on the night of Emily's birthday this year... he had a church meeting and besides, we had already celebrated her birthday at least twice beforehand. We had supper at my parents' house and when we got home, we were greeted by the following note on the front door:

So we made a mad dash to the bathroom and the mirror held this message for us:

She took off around the corner for her bedroom and found this note in her bed/tent:

She was a little stumped on this one... but once I told her we had to go up steps to get to our bedroom she took off for the door to the stairs. Here's what she found waiting for her:

Something this girl knows about it is milk! It didn't take her long to take off for the refrigerator and right there on the front was this sticky note:

On Daddy's "Big Butt Chair" was a pile of blankets and hidden underneath them was this:

...and it was attached to this CD:

To some kids this might be anti-climatic... not for Emily! Just the picture alone would have sufficed! She jumped up and down and squealed with delight. It wasn't until I put it in the CD player and played a few of her favorite songs that she realized what it was. She was pumped. And at about that time... Daddy came home from his meeting and got to enjoy the fun before Miss E had to scoot off to bed.

He's one of the best daddy's ever. (I have to say that because my dad's in that category too!) This little scavenger hunt for his daughter's 3rd birthday is just one of the many reasons I love him.

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