Friday, May 15, 2009

The Pre-Birthday Party

This past Saturday, we celebrated Emily's upcoming 3rd birthday again. Here are some things we learned that day...

Birthday Party Rule #27: Ham sandwiches
taste best when absorbed through the head.

Birthday Party Rule #46: Even though you can't always
get the cake you know your child will be pumped about, a
cake with bright colors, sprinkles and candles will still
be fun and enjoyable.

Birthday Party Rule #78: Practice singing
"Happy Birthday" ahead of time and blowing
out candles... it leads to success and less spit
on the cake... and a kid that acts like she's
been doing this her whole life.

Birthday Party Rule #93:
Be sure to test the icing before and after
serving your guests... every single year.

Birthday Party Rule #94: Don't let small
children watch you sample the icing. It's
a scary thing to break Martha Stewart's rules.

Birthday Party Rule #107: Apply your
lipstick prior to the start of the party...
or at least consult a mirror or a friend for help.
Pink icing may be used as a substitute in a pinch.

Birthday Party Rule #126: Accessorize,
accessorize, accessorize. Matching
birthday presents earn you bonus points.

Birthday Party Rule #144: Demonstrate and
share your birthday presents with your guests.

Birthday Day Party Rule #169:
Make sure your guests look
as fashionable as you.

Birthday Party Rule #104: Share your
birthday presents with your guests and
seek your mother's embrace if you
need to cry when they want to play with
your favorite new puppy dog toy...

We're happy to be able to share these fabulous tips with you. We hope you've learned something that you can use for your next birthday party!

Take care and be blessed!

1 comment:

Connie Isler said...

These pictures (and captions) are great! Looks like it was a fun day:)

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