Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Walk In The Park

Who am I kidding? It wasn't a walk in the park, it was a picnic followed by frolicking and running in the park!

The weather was really nice on Tuesday evening and we decided it might be nice to get out for some fresh air. We had a friend come over to give us an estimate on a slight upgrade to our kitchen and then after he left we packed up the family and went out hunting and foraging for some food. Tom tracked down a really nice herd of Italian subs and was able to snag one for himself and he also spotted a flock of ham and cheese nearby and went in for the kill for Emily. Meanwhile, I found a nice bush of pizza berries and picked a box full. Our family meandered its way over to the grazing lands (others might call it a picnic shelter at the local park).

The youngling showed sheer excitement at the prospect of running around like a crazy woman after she devoured her supper. (Okay, who are we kidding? She was excited... she nibbled on her chips, downed her milk and barely touched the ham and cheese.)

We mosied over to the playground and Em was ready to tackle the giant jungle beast. With a little guidance and 2 nervous parental units, she climbed, slid, swinged (swang? hehehe) jumped and fell with the best of them.

This is what happens when you ask a youngling to pose for you... nice, huh?
Looks like a Macauley Culkin pose from "Home Alone"!

Or, it might have been her true expression
once she spotted the elusive green-shirted goober.

As usual, she was alllll smiles on the swings!

From high atop her swinging fortress,
she spotted the awesome train set.
Surprisingly, she didn't put up a fight to
get out of the swing when it was time to
move on... the train was summoning her.

She was happy to explore and peek
out the windows at Daddy's camera.

The green-shirted goober was
spotted again hiding in the wild.

And, here's what happens when you ask Emily to
pose with the elusive green-shirted goober.

This awesome blog entry was brought to you by the letter seven and the number purple.


Michelle & Laura said...

Hello green-shirted goober - I love the pic of the Emily Monster swinging!

Connie Isler said...

Yeah, that picture of Emily swinging should be blown up, matted, framed & brought to the county fair! Beautiful!

Super Shane said...

The pic of Emily on the swing is freaking FANTASTIC!! Very, very nice!

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