Saturday, September 17, 2011

4 Weeks Under Our Belts

So we have completed 4 weeks of school so far.  Only 13+ years to go!

Em's first few days of school went very well and she was exhausted by the end of the week.  She's used to taking naps after lunch and adjusting to her new schedule took a bit of effort.  (Her mommy wasn't smart enough to start working ahead of time to get her used to no naps.)

Emily's favorite parts of school so far are recess (of course) and gym.  After a couple of gym classes she randomly declared her love for her gym teacher while we were running errands.

It went a little something like this...

E: Mommy, I just love Mrs. H.

Me: Really?  What do you love about her?

E:  She just really knows how to wexercise!

She loves her teacher and she comes home almost every day with a new song that she's learned.  We also have a list that we add to every day with the names of new friends that she's met that day.

Even though we're only 4 weeks in, Em's been initiated into the world of public school fundraising.  With grandma's help, she sold 18 "mumkins" for the PTO fundraiser.  (Grandpa G - we're going to have to borrow your truck to pick up and deliver all these flowers!)

Enough chit chat, here's Em having an after school recap with her daddy!

Week 2 and part of week 3 were a little bumpier.  She still really liked school, her teacher, etc. but as with preschool, I think she thought kindergarten was just a 1 week gig and then she could be done.  She kept telling me that kindergarten was just too long for her and that she really missed me when she was at school.  There were tears and everything.  We ended up having a talk.  Who am I kidding?  We had several talks... but things have worked themselves out and this week, she determined that she loved school again.  And - someday, I will study up on emotional roller coasters a.k.a. 5-year old girls.

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Marla said...

The emotional roller coasters have just begun. Every child has her own personality, but I have found out that being a mom to a daughter in a public school that it's a huge roller coaster and mainly it's about friends. We have learned that friends are sometimes different each day or week. Yesterday I heard "Mom I'm friends with ...... and ...... again, I know I can trust them". That's an interesting comment. I'm skeptical. Next week I may hear a different story. I think the drama mainly started around 4th grade.

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