Sunday, October 23, 2011

Happy Birthday, Megan!

Yesterday we went to a birthday party for one of Emily's best friends.  We love the Millers.  We had so much fun and Emily loved playing the party games and hanging out with friends.

Pre-party: Instructing Daddy on how to make a special card for Megan.

We showed up about an hour late due to other commitments.
There were so many fun games.  Em was a bit hesitant to jump
in right at first but once she realized there were prizes involved
she dove in head first!

See what I mean?  Not afraid to get her face wet in ice cold water!
(These were awesome apples, by the way
...and were filled with prizes and candy!)

She got one!

The birthday girl, Megan, with one of her prizes!
(And a bad case of bloodshot eyeballs!)

Love that girl's style and fashion sense.

Present time with Evan, Megan and Emily!

Love this!  When things started to slow down, the
kids had the best time playing in the leftover straw pile!

Happy 6th birthday, Megan!  You rock!

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Marla said...

That looks like a fun party!

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