Tuesday, October 04, 2011

You Smell Like... - OR - The Difference a Word Makes

I was leaning in this morning to buckle Em into her booster seat in the car.  As I was repositioning the seat belt, she informed me, "Mom, you smell like wipe."


"Yeah, you smell like wipe."

Well, you know me and you know exactly where my mind went when she said this.  As a friend told me today, she might as well have said, "Mom, you smell like butt."

But(t) she didn't.  She said I smelled like "wipe".

I sniffed my shirt to make sure I didn't have on some rank laundry scented shirt.  Nope.

"What do you mean I smell like wipe?"

"You know, Mom!  Wipe."  (She motions in a circle motion with her hand like she's washing the table down.)

"Oooohhhhhh.... I smell like a wipe?  Like a baby wipe?  Like a good smell?"

"Ye-ah."  (Right, it was 2 syllables - and said with the attitude of "Duh!")

So, apparently the powder fresh scent of my deodorant reminded her of baby wipes... not butts... and not baby wipes used on butts.


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