Friday, July 27, 2007

Emily's MRI Update

We took Em to Children's Hospital this morning for her brain MRI and it went better than expected. The staff there are incredible and helped us to all understand what was going to happen. The lady that worked with us was very sweet and really made over Em and kept her smiling.

Em had to be sedated for the procedure but they didn't need to poke her with any needles. Instead, they used a suppository-like method which worked like a charm. She fell asleep within just a couple of minutes and I carried her to the MRI room. They strapped her in and we were allowed to stay in the room with her the entire time.

With only a few more minutes of scanning to do, they came in to clip a meter to her toe when she started moving around a little and decided it was time for her to wake up. They pulled her out of the machine and she was bright-eyed and smiling big. I don't think they were expecting her to be so happy about waking up in there. ;-) We carried her back to her bed in the prep room and you would have never known she had been sedated. She was smiling, cooing, blowing raspberries and acting excited about seeing people. The lady told us to expect her to be a little drunken and loopy acting like how she was at the moment and we just had to laugh and tell her that was normal Emily! Heheh. They talked with the doctor who said they didn't need to sedate her again to finish the other test on the MRI... that he had enough to show what he needed.

We should get information on the results by the middle of next week. Thanks for praying for us! Your prayers were felt!

Take care and be blessed!

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