Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Praying for Adoption Families

I just received word today that our adoption agency is having to raise fees for the Kazakhstan adoption program by another $500. Even though we've completed our process, we went through all sorts of fundraising efforts for over 2 years to raise enough money to bring Emily into our family. I remember how devastating this kind of news is for families that don't have money growing on the trees in the back yard. Keep your chins up and remember that God hasn't brought you this far to let your dreams of a family come crashing down! Press on, my friends. In the long run, $500 is sooo worth the extra sweat to bring that child into your homes.

Take care and be blessed! You continue to remain in my prayers!

1 comment:

Michelle & Laura said...

I'm just gonna pray that you hurry and do another Emily update!!

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