Thursday, July 26, 2007

Of Potpies and Picnics...

We had a few more pictures to share with you... and I'm still waiting to get the videos off of Tom's laptop. Also, if you haven't seen it already, there's another new blog entry below about our family vacation that I just posted tonight but it's post-dated. Just scroll down a bit.

I'm having a hard time feeding Emily messy foods but I've been told that it might help her develop a better pincer grasp (using her thumb and first finger to pick small things up). The PT has said that things like applesauce (messy!), fruit (sticky!), mashed potatoes (again, messy!) would be great for her to try eating with her fingers instead of me feeding them to her on a spoon or fork. All I can think of is how much of that stuff will ooze into our carpets and walls when she gets excited and starts flailing her arms. I might as well just load up our ceiling fan blades with the stuff and turn it on high. I'm not so sure I can handle the stress of that no matter how good it might be for her. If someone insists that I do that, I just might have to permanently move her highchair to the back yard and turn the hose on her when she's done eating.

That being said, I did at least attempt giving her a little more free reign at eating lunch this week. She enjoys eating pot pies and they have most of the major food groups in one dish. She loved it and ate the whole pot pie in one sitting! Here is my attempt at letting her eat it with her hands... (Grandpa G. might have to scroll quickly past this picture!)

Since my summer vacation is starting to come to a close, I decided we needed to have at least one more picnic outside. This kid still LOVES to swing so I put her in our swing in the backyard while I set up the blanket with her high chair and food.

I bought some really yummy corn on the cob from a local farm market and decided to see what Emily would think of it. The corn wasn't exactly hot or even very warm by the time we got everything and everyone outside and frankly, Emily seemed to think a big yellow thing on her tray was kinda weird. I showed her how to take a bite of the corn off the cob and held it up to her mouth. It touched her lips and she pulled away with a bashful yet ornery grin. After that, it was hard to keep the corn on her tray. I guess she thought it was better to use it for her continual tests on the gravitational pull. I haven't seen her logbook yet, but she's got to have a lot of entries from those tests!

Although this picture looks like she's screaming for me to take the scary corn away she was actually in the middle of a silly squeal that was followed by a goofy, toothy grin.

Emily pays very close attention to everything around her and frequently looks at the leaves on the trees blowing in the breeze while we're in the house. Yesterday, she had the breeze in her face and still paused quite a few times during lunch to watch the leaves dance on the branches. She looked so pensive!

And, of course, a picnic isn't complete without an ant or two stopping by to share in the plunder. This once came around at the beginning of the picnic and stuck around for a while as he tried to figure out how to carry big bread crumb off of our blanket.

PS - Say a few prayers for us if you think about it on Friday morning (7/27). Emily is getting an MRI at Children's Hospital tomorrow on her head just so we can get any complications from her premature birth mapped out. She had a cerebral hemorrhage at birth which seems to be fairly common among kids born around 2 1/2 months early. With so little known about her birth history and what medical treatment she might have received, our pediatrician wanted to get an inside look to get an idea of how major or minor the bleed might have been and what problems it could potentially cause for us. She is to be prepped for the procedure around 8am and will need to be sedated for this.

Take care and be blessed!

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