Thursday, July 12, 2007

Peek-a-Boo Teeth!

Last Thursday Emily decided it would be nice to add 2 more teeth to her collection. She added one more to the top and another to the bottom and was a wee bit cranky about the whole ordeal. I'll just say I made more than a couple sippy cups laced with baby Tylenol over about 4 days.

Emily has really learned to enjoy a good game (or is it a match ?) of peek-a-boo. The object involved doesn't really seem to matter either. She will play with my hat over her head as in the video below. She will play with an airy afghan at Grandma & Grandpa's house (even though she can see perfectly well through the holes/gaps in the afghan). And, she will play peek-a-boo around Daddy's laptop screen while Daddy is working... especially if he isn't paying direct attention to her. If you listen really closely in the video you will hear my favorite part of the game... Emily cracking herself up when she's "hiding".

In the physical therapy realm, Em's physical therapist continues to be amazed at her progress. We continue to take her to PT once a week and she's doing great. We've been told we will probably continue to have setbacks each time Emily has a growth spurt but with continued stretching and hard work she can keep moving foward. I'm not sure how many PT sessions we have to go yet but I know they're planning on using/needing at least as many as our insurance will cover. And, I'm happy to say that along the way I'm learning a lot of things that we can do to keep Emily moving forward when those visits run out.

In other news, we're also beginning to help Emily learn boundaries. Now that she is crawling all over the place and pulling herself up along the furniture we're trying to teach her NOT to touch the TV or the buttons on the entertainment system. Occasionally she gets it and occasionally she thinks we're playing games with her. She's already beginning to get the rebellious teenager look on her face as she dares us to come pull her away before she races to pull herself up and push the buttons... sheesh, this is going to be "fun" over the next 16 years. I'm afraid we might be in for an experience!

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