Tuesday, January 22, 2008

No deep thoughts, just an overview

I started a really cool blog entry this morning and then my laptop ran out of juice before I saved it. So, here's a simple version...

On January 12, Tom helped Emily with her shoes... and taught her the value (?) of giving them a good sniff test before lacing them up. Make sure you have the volume turned up. There's some pretty good giggling going on here!

This has to be the absolute funniest picture we have of Emily so far. I took her to a dollar store on Saturday to get some supplies for church and picked up a handy-dandy pint-sized Elmo backpack while we were there. I wanted to get a picture of her with it and this one just cracks me up. Must have caught her in mid-word or maybe it's the result of all that stinky shoe sniffing!

On Sunday, we tried on a new outfit. It's a cute little corduroy ensemble that we got as a shower gift. She opted to leave the hat at home for church since she had to put her heavy duty earmuff hat on because of the cold weather. (Note the fingerprint smudges all over Daddy's TV!)

I didn't have to go to work on Monday because of Martin Luther King, Jr Day so we opted to send Em to Grandma and Papa Daycare for the 1st part of the day and then Emily, Grandma and I went shopping the 2nd part of the day. We stopped by Polaris Mall and tried out the play area for the first time. Em wasn't quite as adventurous as a lot of the other kids but she did enjoy going down the slides, crawling through the tunnels and watching the big kids run amuck.

I went to get Em out of bed this morning to find that she'd tossed her cookies sometime in the middle of the night. We started our morning by taking a bath and throwing every bit of bedding and clothing into the hamper. I stayed home from work and we took it easy on the meals today and enjoyed several cups of pedialyte. She got a new chair for Christmas and spent part of the morning lounging around watching Elmo's World. Usually she sits like a big girl in her chair but this morning she was definitely lounging. She didn't get sick any more today but was more mellow than normal and enjoyed a lot more cuddling.

A funny story for the day: As you learned in the video above, Emily makes typical signs and noises for when something stinks. After I changed her this morning, I walked over to the diaper pail with Emily in one arm and her stinky diaper in the other hand. I opened the pail and as usual said, "Ew, does it smell bad?" She responded by leaning into me, smelling my breath and going, "phew". I had to laugh. But, to my defense (maybe?) I HAD already brushed my teeth right before going in to wake her up.


Michelle & Laura said...

I love the "Just Chillin" photo!!!

Michelle & Laura said...

Scrolling through the old posts tonight ... and that "doh" picture makes me laugh everytime!!!

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