Friday, January 18, 2008

Where Was That Memo?

Apparently there was a memo that was circulated amongst the appliances, vehicles and other electronic devices in our home. We've had an interesting run the past couple of days!

It started with the belt on our sweeper breaking. Simple enough. But the sweeper sat in my kitchen a few days before I could tear it apart to see what was wrong. As of 6:30 this morning, it's fixed.
The night before last, I went to put Emily to bed and when I went to turn on the CD player it just clicked. I bought one similar to the one above on sale at Big Lots around Christmas time and it's worked just fine... until the other night. Now it's been reduced to a glorified radio. But a least it's a radio.

Then, yesterday, I got a call from Tom around lunch time saying that he had been in a car accident. He was broadsided as he was pulling into a turn lane. He's okay, the people that hit him are okay... but, alas, his Mazda Tribute that was nearly paid off is not. They hit the rear axle and bent the tire and the frame up. It was being hauled away as I got there and I didn't get to see how bad the damage was... but it was bad enough that it can't be driven and that Tom had to get a rental car. The other people were cited and their insurance is supposed to cover everything. Tom's hooked up with a pretty little rental car for the next couple of weeks until his can be repaired.

Tom was also kind enough to inform me last night that our dryer seems to have croaked yesterday morning. I started a load in the morning before I left for work and 4 hours later when Tom went down to switch over laundry the dryer was still tumbling but without heat. He turned it off and tried to restart it and it now it won't turn back on. Fortunately, when we got married 7 years ago, Tom moved his washer and dryer in with him. They've been sitting beside my old washer and dryer waiting for such an occasion to be used. Now it's just a matter of figuring out how to unhook the current pair, move the newer ones over and find someone to haul the old ones away. (The washer still works and we'd like to donate it to someone that can use it.)

I pray we've seen the last of the choas and that we can just focus on getting things back in order. Other than this, our family is doing great. Emily hasn't taken any more spills lately and for the most part, we seem to have avoided the sickies that have passed through here recently. Ryan's going to be turning 16 at the end of this month. Yikes!

Until next time... have a great day and be blessed!


Michelle & Laura said...

Wow, what a week! Glad to hear that it was just some inconveniences and that everything can be repaired (or replaced). But just one question for you ... just why were you inspired to fix your vacuum at 6:30 in the morning??

Tom and Jenni said...

Sadly, 6:30AM seems to be my most productive time any more! I'm allowed to do "quiet" tasks... unfortunately "running" the sweeper doesn't fall into that category and I'm told that it feel like a train rolling through town when someone's trying to sleep upstairs. ;-D

Amy said...

I think whenever you are in a productive mood you should be able to do whatever you feel like...Would the person sleeping upstairs rather be waken up by the vacuum cleaner early in the morning OR have you never vacuum your floor at all?

Anonymous said...

oh my, that is a lot of things going wrong all at once. I am glad your husband was okay in the accident, that it was not his fault and will be covered by the insurance of the other people, but what an inconvenience to have so many things break down at once.


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