Monday, January 07, 2008

A Year Ago Today...

On this day (Jan. 7) at this time (9pm) last year (2007) we were hopping on a plane in Minneapolis and heading to Amsterdam on our way to Almaty, Kazakhstan.

As I was giving Emily a bath tonight I was reflecting on our past year. I can't believe how much she's grown in this past year and how well she's progressed. She was off to a shaky start when we met her but we fell in love immediately and she's come so far.

Some fun facts to lighten your reading...

1) Emily still emphatically believes that cats say "Baa!".

2) She loves to play "flutter" with her daddy... (which means putting her hand over his eye while he flutters his eyelashes on her hand).

3) She LOVES watching Elmo sing and dance and frequently joins in on the dancing and clapping.

4) Emily loves to rock in her big girl rocking chairs.

5) Emily still makes me smile every day even when she's teething up a storm.

6) There are days when I go to work with a sticky kiss on my cheek after saying goodbye to Em and it stays there until it dries up.

7) Emily is immediately drawn to anyone that vaguely resembles her RyRy.

Enough happy thoughts for now, Em's already in dreamland and now that I've given you a photo for today's entry, I'm on my way to join her there! Good night!

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A 5 time mom said...

AHHH, I love memory lane....been there myself as we are coming up to our 2 year Gotcha Day (1/18). I enjoy hearing what Emily is up to.


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