Saturday, February 14, 2009

Botox: Numero Deux

Botox was similar to last time, but they didn't have as many people in the room to help hold her... Emily's a strong, squirrely little thing when people are trying to hold her down! She had to lay on her belly so they could do the shots in her calves again. One nurse held her legs still and I pretty much had to lay my body on top of her torso to keep her from squirming... but she still managed to kick the needle out in the middle of one of the injections so they had to poke her again.

After everyone cleared out of the room and Em was settled down (30 seconds later), the nurse asked me how I felt her pain level would rank on a scale of 1 to 10. When I said "2", she actually laughed and said, "seriously?". Now, if they asked me how ticked she was while I was trying to hold her down... the sobbing, wailing, snot-faced girl would have easily earned a 15. Thankfully, she's quick to forgive and she was mommy's girl again as soon as we were done!

Oh... and Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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Marla said...

Quick to forgive... a very good trait!!!! What a sweetie!

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