Thursday, February 19, 2009

Catching Up - Part 2 of 6

Christmas morning was fun as usual this year. This was the first year that Emily really got into opening presents and was excited to see what she had received.

A fun pose in front of the tree.

Taking a quick break from opening presents to play with Daddy
(who's pretending to sleep in the background).

Once again, pretending to sleep until Emily got in his face,
then he'd jump at her and scare the begeebies out of her
and make her giggle.

Digging in for those good presents in the back!


At the end of the afternoon, Em wanted to eat an apple...
and I mean a WHOLE apple. This is all that was left when she
handed it to me and proclaimed that she was done.
No, she didn't eat the penny, it's just there for size comparison!

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