Thursday, February 19, 2009

Catching Up - Part 6 of 6

Emily had a Valentine's Day party with her friends at the babysitter's last Friday. She LOVED it. She wanted to look in her Valentine's box on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights before bed and carried it with her to Nannie and Papa's house for several days this week. Nearly a week later, she looked in it again this evening!

Showing off her first Valentine's box
that she decorated at her babysitter's party.

Enjoying her foam heart from Gracie.
(Don't look too closely, those are HER teeth marks in it!)

Treasuring her valentine from Debbie.

Her beau, Jared, gave her one
with a kitty on it.

*Disclaimer and fine print... no hair products were depleted in the making of this post. This was one of those days that Emily declared a "No Babbies" day... which on this particular day meant no scrunchies, barrettes, clips, or hair bands. Hence, the crazy sasquatch hair photoshoot.


Michelle & Laura said...

Great updates! I think she likes her long wild hair.

Marla said...

I agree, it doesn't seem that Emily minds the hair in her face one bit! Me... get the hair out of my face! Ponytails and headbands are good! :)

Kevin Langdon said...

Too cute!!! :-)

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