Sunday, May 11, 2008

Hat, Praying Monk, Kissing Babies, New Bear Friend

Enjoy some pictures from this past week!

Can you hear me now?

Sporting a new rug burn!

Mom's shirt... Dad calls this series "Praying Monk".

Here's Em doing her custom-made sign for milk.

Saturday's baby shower for Caden was a hit!

Em planted quite a few kisses and hugs on the little peanut.

The white bear was a gift from a friend this weekend.
He's Emily's new best friend.

...making sure he has a good seat for the show.

Ahhh, good friends and good TV.


Michelle & Laura said...

She sure loves that hat and the praying monk sequence is pretty funny.

Amy S. said...

Oh my... yes, the "praying monk" is the best! Wow. Emily, you sure are a character! And that bear is adorable. We already knew it, but each entry from you confirms it more and more... Emily is a HIT! What a blessing to have her in our lives!! Love her!

**Thanks for the smiles Emily!!

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