Sunday, May 04, 2008

The Return of the Snot Monster

Soooo, we've been sneezing a bit in the Hypes' household this week. Nothing big, just a little sneezing. At first we thought maybe Em was dealing with some allergies. But then, I started sneezing and had a scratchy throat. Mother-daughter allergies you might ask? Nope, just a really weird cold!

We've handled our colds very well for the past week and then today... something happened.

I put Emily down for her nap after church this afternoon and some sort of snot monster had taken her place when I went to get her up from her crib. I was blessed by the snot monster though! It seems to like me. I picked it up from the crib and was fortunate enough to have it's muzzle nestled into my neck and it came to rest on my shoulder (and wipe it's nose on my shirt). The monster was unusually cuddly and wanted nothing more than to be embraced by me. I couldn't set it down and couldn't pass it off to Tom for hugs but eventually I was able to sit on the floor with it and coax it back into a drippy version of Emily.

The poor kid has a non-stop drippy nose and still has lots of sneezes to share with us. I'm hoping this is as bad as it gets.

Sorry, no pictures with today's entry. I'll be kind and save you from that!

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