Monday, May 05, 2008

Whoops & Wheeee!

Emily was in a better mood today. She was teasing me this morning as we were getting ready and was being ornery in the car on the was to Grandma and Papa's. She loves the car rides to their house and especially likes going over the railroad tracks and the bridge on their road that we have lovingly called the "Wheee Bridge" since my college-aged cousins were little.

This afternoon, when Emily woke up from her nap at Grandma and Papa's, I was given a heads-up that she had a run-in with the last couple of carpeted steps that head to their basement. (This is the "whoops" part of the story.) No bruises this time, just a pretty rug burn by her eye. It hasn't seemed to bother her too much except I must have reminded her about it when I put her pj's on tonight and her top brushed up against it.

Oh, another fun story to share... as I was putting Emily to bed tonight we said our prayers and talked about our day tomorrow as I was laying her in her crib. I usually tell her the night before who she gets to play with the next day and what kinds of things she might do.
Tonight, I said, "Tomorrow you get to go play with Grandma and Papa."

To which she promptly replied, "Wheee!"

"Good Night. I love you." ...door closes behind me and I walk out with an ear-to-ear grin on my way to share my story with Tom aka Daddy.


Michelle & Laura said...

I love the Wheeee bridge!! Remember going over that bridge in the school bus? Mrs. Lane didn't slow down for anything, she might have even sped up!

Amy K said...

I know the Wheeee bridge too! I used to go down that road even when I didn't have to. Fun times.

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