Friday, May 23, 2008

I can't imagine...

LinkTom and I learned yesterday that Steven Curtis Chapman's (a popular Christian musician) daughter, Maria, died in a car accident at their home on Wednesday. One of Chapman's sons was backing an SUV up and didn't see her. To make matters worse, several of the family members saw it happen. Maria, had just turned 5 shortly after Em's birthday and the accident happened several hours before one of the boys' graduation from high school. She was the youngest of their 6 kids, 1 of the 3 they've adopted from China.

You can see a beautiful family picture at:

And, you can see a cute video of Maria and her Dad from several days ago at:

Our hearts are breaking with the Chapman family this week and we're hugging Emily a little tighter.

Please lift the Chapman family up in prayer and say a few extra for their son.

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