Friday, October 03, 2008

Chef Boyardee's Secret Ingredient

It was Wednesday again in the Hypes household and it felt like another night where I just didn't want to worry about what to make for supper. Tom and I were both in the mood for pizza so I called the order in and he picked it up on his way home. Miss Em still isn't impressed with the idea of pizza so I threw together some ravioli and veggies for her.

We're chowing down on some wonderful Belly Buster's pizza (Yes, that's really what the place is call!) and Em is sauntering her way through her veggies and sees a few pieces of ravioli on her plate. In standard form, she asks, "What is THAT?!?" and I reply with, "It's yummy ravioli." She responds with, "Mmmmm, Num!" and proceeds to put a bite in her mouth. No expression, no excitement, no spitting it out, no indication of whether she liked it or not.

Em moved on to the corn. Not only moved on to it, but chowed it down leaving only ravioli on her plate. And, as Em is prone to do, she proceeded to dismantle and deconstruct the ravioli. She does this with sandwiches, peanut butter crackers and anything else that has been "assembled" at some point in it's life. She pulled the layers of pasta apart and revealed the "beef" filling. (If you've ever eaten Chef Boyardee you really have to wonder if that truly is beef... it doesn't look like the stuff I was raised on!)

The next part is something only Em would think of...

She looks up at me with this confused/horrified look, glances back at the dissected ravioli on her plate, looks back at me and does the sign for POOP!!! Her expression was truly priceless and I only wish I had the camcorder running at that point. Tom asked what I was laughing at and I had a hard time even telling him what she did because I was laughing so hard.

Try as I might, I could NOT convince her that her ravioli was not filled with poo. I tried telling her it was beef. I tried telling her it was meat. I tried telling her it was hamburger. She wasn't buying it. She picked up her plate and handed it to me and wanted nothing to do with it. (Thankfully, she didn't fling it like she did the other night! Oh, I was so upset with her for that little stunt.) Anyway, she decided she was done with eating for the night.

Sigh... This is one of those times that I wish she could express herself more so I could truly understand what she was thinking or this is one of those times that I'm very thankful she's not expressing herself more


Michelle & Laura said...

Guess I'll remember not to feed her ravioli when we babysit!!

Marla said...

Me too! Except now I don't want to eat it! :)

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