Saturday, October 11, 2008

Zoo with Shell

Emily and I helped with food pantry a couple of Saturday's ago and the weather was so nice we decided we just couldn't spend the rest of the day inside so we called Aunt Shell to see if she wanted to hook up with us at the zoo. She was headed up this way for her class reunion that evening so we made a date.

Em had a fondness for brushing the "other"
end of the animals in the petting zoo.

Aunt Shell... hmmm... how many years
did you show sheep at the fair and you
still don't know the right end?

This was too cute to pass on the photo-op.

While the goats and sheep were fascinating, we
found an even more fascinating specimen in the
petting zoo... the little girl(s) with painted
faces really threw Em for a loop. She kept getting
right in her face and saying, "That's Nasty" or "Messy"
I'm sure the little girl's mom was thrilled.

No, we're not picking our nose, we're still
concerned about the little purple-shirted
girl in the background that has stuff
all over her face.

Yep, still checking her out...

See, Aunt Shell, this is how you feed a goat. tiny piece of hay at a time.

Yeah, go ahead and pretend that you
were sitting on that thing so I could
get a picture of Em... you liked it!

Yet another picture that was too cute to pass up!

Thanks for spending the afternoon with us at the zoo, Aunt Shell!


Alicia Wells (Aunt Shell's Coworker) said...

Oh my! That is TOOOO funny what Em said to the little girls with painted faces!!! I am laughing so hard!!!

Jenni said...

It was even better in person... the little girl's reaction was priceless! Good to hear from you Alicia!

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