Saturday, October 04, 2008

Last Week's Activities

I forgot fill you in on last weekend's festivities!

To celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary, the three of us left Friday after work and headed to Mohican State Park for a 1 night stay and to spend the day Saturday in the area. We booked a special package that included pizza, a movie, popcorn and a gift certificate to the gift shop. We ordered our pizza, explored the lodge, located the pool and Em took special interest in the race car arcade game in the game room and then we picked up our pizza and popcorn and headed back to the room. After waiting exactly 30 minutes after eating (wink, wink) we dudded up for the pool and had some family fun time. As always, Em loved the pool and wasn't exactly thrilled when it was time to get out.

After breakfast on Saturday we checked out and took a drive around the lake in hopes of finding the place to rent a boat that we could take out for a joyride. Em took a much needed nap on our way there and woke up in time for us to put her warmer clothes and lifejacket on. She wasn't exactly thrilled about the lifejacket but after Ed, the friendly marina guy, gave her a sucker she was content.

She loved her first boat ride and
like her daddy, she loves to go fast!

Captain Dad!

Check out all that lollipop
juice on those chops! I would
have flipped if this sticky mess
was in my boat... if we had one!

Lollipop Heaven..MMMMmmmm, num, num!

Look! Someone finally has enough
hair to blow in the breeze!

The captain and crew.

Em is turning into a little teenager and really enjoys her independence. After grabbing Daddy's finger and getting him to help her with the light switch she will "dismiss" him and will frequently disappear into her room and close (slam) the door behind her. We'll often times find her sitting in her glider and reading books or playing with her puzzles. Sometimes she'll bring us shirts and pants that she's pulled out of her dresser drawers while she's exploring. I've finally smart enough to take almost all of the hair accessories out of her top drawer (where it was so convenient to get to) and moved them into an out of reach spot in her closet. She used to open all the baggies of barrettes, clips, rubber bands and everything else and shake them out onto the floor. Not a problem if you only have a few, but we're talking a container of 500 rubber bands and probably about 50 clips and bows that we have accumulated. (I know! Amazing for a kid that is just now getting hair!)

I decided to leave a small container of baby-sized scrunchies in her top drawer because there's probably about 200 of them and they can't hurt her and she can't hurt them. She loves to play with this stuff, so why not. After a quiet spell last night, I poked my head in her room and discovered she had dumped the entire bag out on the floor and was flinging them around her room. I had a need to "containerize" them so we put them in a biiiig basket. As you can see from the pictures below... the basket quickly became a bathtub for Em and we promptly began to entertain ourselves with it's contents...

Until next time... have a great day and be blessed!

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