Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Corn, Pumpkins and Straw, Oh My!

Heads-up... for those of you that check our blog regularly... I posted 2 entries tonight! (and 2 entries last night)

So... as you'll learn in the next entry, the weather was so nice on Saturday that we decided we needed to get out of the house as a family and enjoy it. After playing with mommy's hairbands and blowing bubbles in the backyard, we packed up and headed out for Leeds Farm. We had a blast and hope we can make it back next year!

Leeds Farm is in Ostrander, OH and has all sorts of fun activities...

You can pet and feed the goats.

Take a peek at the young calves.

Walk hand-in-hand with your mom from barn to barn.

Check your height if you'll stand against the wall long enough!

Play in the giant cornbox for nearly an hour!

Rope Mommy into playing in the giant cornbox with you for
nearly an hour while Daddy played the role of Papa-razzi... get it?

(We're making popcorn sounds in this picture!)

Check out the giant pumpkins and figure out
which one is more comfortable to sit on.

Play on the slides and in the straw with Mommy.

Land at the bottom of the slide in a
giant pile of straw and giggle loudly.

Discover the joy of going down
the slide face-first into the straw.

Roll in the straw a bit.

And hope Mom comes to help me get up
because this straw is slippery stuff and
there are other kids waiting to come down!


(Cleanup wasn't nearly as bad as I expected... we only found a few kernels of corn when we got home and another 6 in Em's coat pocket at church the next morning.)

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