Sunday, October 12, 2008

New Hat and Gloves and Grapefest!

Heads-up... for those of you that check our blog regularly... I posted 2 entries tonight! (I'll have a few more to post once my battery recharges!)

We picked up a new hat and a couple of pairs of gloves at Wally World last week. Em was thrilled and even though they were still fastened together she insisted on wearing them all through the store. She makes me giggle.

The following day, Em was still very excited about her new hat and gloves and wanted to wear them to church (even though it got up to at least 70°F around lunch time).

Yeah, I know... REAL pretty, huh?
And yes, there just happens to be
another mismatched pair of gloves in
our house just like those!

Where's Mr. Blackwell when we need him?

...2 days after the famous glove purchase....

And yet again... where's Mr. Blackwell?

We did manage to take the gloves off
long enough to snack on some grapes!
That's my chipmunk!

Mmmmm, num-num!

Yup... still squirreling away a grape or two!

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