Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bobsled Baby!

Yesterday was Emily's first day of sledding... ever! We had ALL that snow a few days ago and then it was too windy to go right out and enjoy it (and I didn't feel like wading through knee-deep snow to pull my daughter around). We waited until it melted a bit and yesterday was the PERFECT day! It was nearly 50 degrees (!!!) outside by the time I got home from work and I was determined to take Em sledding before we lost possibly our last big snow day of the season. We have a "bunny hill" in the backyard so it was perfect for us.

Emily thought riding in her new sled was a hoot and was all grins and giggles. She loves going fast and having the wind blowing in her face. After a while, she discovered that she could lean over and drag her hand in the snow while I was pulling her.

It was a fun time and boy was I tired by the time we came back in the house! For some reason, Emily didn't seem too worn out by it all...

I forgot to share the following picture with you in my last entry. If you recall, over the weekend we spent quite a bit of time playing inside. Em is allowed some freedom to play in her bedroom by herself and I have trained my ears to listen to all the noises in her room to make sure she's not getting into something she shouldn't. However, what sounded like playing with her floor puzzle was actually a combination of floor puzzle playing and getting into a whole pack of diapers and creating a trail of diapers from one corner of her bedroom to the other and out into the hallway. It's a little reminiscent of Hansel and Gretel's trail of breadcrumbs!

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Michelle & Laura said...

Looks like Em had herself some fun ... both outside and in!!

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