Saturday, March 22, 2008

What a Weekend...

Yesterday was Good Friday and I didn't have to work. Emily was starting to get a cold on Thursday but was kind enough to let me sleep in until 8 on Friday. And, really, that's truly sleeping in for me... I'm one of those annoying morning people.

Emily was not a happy camper yesterday. Her cold had her wiped out and cranky and rather than fight it, I decided to give in and let her watch an Elmo marathon off and on throughout the day. She had a fever and wasn't interested in playing. The highlights of her day were drinking lots of liquids (and me changing lots of wet diapers), watching Elmo all day, taking a couple of looong naps and playing in the bathtub in the middle of the afternoon.

This morning she woke up in much better spirits but still has a cough and a leaky faucet for a nose. She was all excited to climb the stairs this morning to go wake Daddy up. We always try to sneak up on Daddy, but I think somehow he catches wind of our sneaky plan through the baby monitor. Some day I'll have to share my plan with her from another room! Well, that and the fact that she's not exactly quiet going up the stairs and she gets a thrill out of knocking on almost all doors. In other words... "Hello, can we come in? We'd like to sneak up on you to wake you up but just wanted to make sure you knew we were coming."

After waking Daddy up, we ventured down the stairs but not before spotting my old Raggedy Ann piggy bank from when I was a kid. Emily latched on to it and set it on the steps beside her and was determined to get it downstairs. It became her new best friend today.

After sharing her Cheerios, Emily started the day
by sharing her musical chair with Raggedy Ann.

Then she loaded her in the big butt chair before
she crawled up to watch Mommy's screensaver/pictures.

Oh, and you can't forget story time!
Raggedy Ann loves Emily's Winnie the Pooh book!

After her morning nap, Emily kept pointing to her footed pj's which were put in her basket ready for bedtime. She wouldn't leave the bedroom until I handed them to her and then she motioned that she wanted them on. Well, what's a loving mom to do other than to comply with her daughter's every wish? I explained that we could only put the sleeves on because she already had her clothes on and she wasn't thrilled but she tolerated that answer. She wore her pj's over her clothes for the rest of the afternoon! And it just gets better...

Emily shows Raggedy how to build with
blocks while wearing her pj's like a cape/housecoat.

Not sure, but I think Em has a call in to
Brittany Spears to push this new look. (And,
yes, she put the shades and hat on by herself!)

Em was trying to convince Daddy to
play some more JibJab dancing videos.

It seems that Tom is working on being
Emily's new manager... or Brittany's pimp!

Back to the Easter weekend... a week or so ago I went to pick Emily up from Grandma and Papa's house and was greeted by an odd character at the window.



Michelle & Laura said...

Happy Easter back at ya, you silly girl!!!

Todd said...

That last picture is a little scary. It reminds me of Donnie Darko.

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