Sunday, March 30, 2008

Emaliya Nadezhda Hypes

I was on Spring Break from school this week and Tom took some days off from the store so we were able to get some more family time in. We didn't go anywhere or do anything special but we did spend more time together working around the house.

Tuesday, it was especially nice outside so we worked on picking up sticks in the yard and Tom cleaned the gutters out for me. Now that she knows how to climb stairs, Em was able to go up and down her sliding board and we also tried out the swing in the backyard for quite a while. It was nice to break out of the house for a while and enjoy our first spring-like day as a family.

Tom also ventured down to the post office on Tuesday and found Emily's official re-adoption paperwork from the court waiting for us. This one, somewhat unimportant looking, piece of paperwork states that our (re)adoption is granted and that Emily's name is now officially Emaliya Nadezhda Hypes and that she will be issued an Ohio Birth Certificate that we should receive in the next several weeks.

On Friday, Emily and I took a road trip to Columbus to visit Aunts Shell and Laura at work! We played with Libby, cleaned the blinds in the conference room, dropped (or threw?) Aunt Shell's Tweety Bird on the floor, climbed on Aunt Laura's couch, stripped Aunt Shell's plant of quite a few leaves and reorganized her short course catalogs while she was at it.

After the whirlwind tour was over, we all went to Bob Evans to hang out. Em was confined to the high chair so she didn't cause quite as much trouble there. ;-)

The week is almost over and I have to return to work next week. We'll see how Em does with getting back into the routine. She's gotten surprisingly skilled at sleeping in!


Michelle & Laura said...

Thanks for all the help at the office Em ... are you available to work at our convention??

Marla said...

Sounds like she was quite productive! :)

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