Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Ice Storm and Crazy Hair!

Sorry, sports fans, there's nothing too exciting to write about today. Just an update on spending winter with the Hypes' and a cute bathtub picture of the kidlet.

We've been hit by winter storms at least once a week lately. This week's storm brought with it a LOT of ice (well, a lot for our neck of the woods). Last night around 9pm we heard a loud boom and I saw a bright flash out the back window right before we lost power. It wasn't just a flicker. Our power was down for the count. Being the ever-ready-Boy-Scout-wanna-be, I had the flashlight and candles lit within a minute or two. (Cell phones work great for lighting the path in the dark across the living room floor that was laden with land mine toys!) Since it seems to stay a little warmer upstairs, we set the pack n' play up in our bedroom and moved Emily from her crib to our room for the night. After already being asleep for over an hour she transferred to our room without even a whimper. We went to bed at 9:30 with the house at about 70 degrees and we woke up at 6:30 this morning with the house at 62 degrees.

School was delayed this morning due to the ice so it gave us a little more time to figure out what we were going to do. The Methodist church across the street still had power and the pastor went door to door and invited families to hang out at the church until the power came back on. They were making sandwiches and playing board games. Tom was planning on working out of the house today while he took care of Emily but we decided we would call my parents and see if they would mind taking in some refugees. We checked at noon and still had no power and the house was down to 58 degrees. It was a good thing we left. The power did come back on until sometime in the middle of the afternoon and we and the people on our street are cozy in our homes again.

I wouldn't say we're getting stir crazy yet, but if spring doesn't come soon we're going to be getting desperate for things to do to keep us entertained. Emily still loves to play in the bathtub so when there's nothing else to do we fill the tub and dump in some toys. She was laughing up a storm the other night and was getting more brave than normal. I took the bathmat out recently and haven't replaced it yet, so it's a little more slick in the tub than usual. She thought that was pretty funny. She got brave enough a couple of times to try to lay down on her back in the water. And, she splashed. A LOT! I had to do a little extra mopping when we were done. She also found it to be quite funny to put the sopping wet washcloth on her head and "hide" from me. She had some pretty funky hair when she yanked it off to show me where she was!

Happy Winter Y'All! Spring's not far away!

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Michelle & Laura said...

I think I'm going to give her a collection of crazy hair pictures for her 2nd b-day. And to think she hardly had any hair on b-day number 1!

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