Friday, March 21, 2008

Slumber Party Weekend

I forgot to post about Emily's adventures last week and was just reminded when I checked the memory stick on the camera last night!

Last week, Tom and I decided that we were ready for another date night. It's been a while since we've gone out by ourselves without a meeting, an appointment or some other business to take care of. We've been so busy with "life" that we really weren't taking much time to just talk and listen to each other. Grandma and Papa were happy to invite Emily over for a slumber party on Friday night so we could catch dinner and a movie.

The next morning was the Saturday that we help out at the local food pantry and until it's warm out again it's hard to take Emily with us. Grandma and Papa had something else planned for that morning so we made arrangements for them to drop Emily off at Uncle Jim and Aunt Kris' house for the morning. Emily had a great time playing with their dog, Ginger, and showing Aunt Kris all of her toys that she brought along. Even after Tom and I were there to pick her up, she continued taking Aunt Kris by the hand to different places in the house to show her something. It sounds like she made a great transition and didn't mind us being gone a bit.

Emily begged Uncle Jim to sit her up
on the couch with the grown-ups.

Aunt Kris and Emily tackle a puzzle.

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