Sunday, March 09, 2008


Today is a photo journal of the past several days... of the "almost" blizzard of 2008!

On Friday, Emily had physical therapy. It was predicted that we would get a lot of snow throughout the day so I had been listening to the news and watching the weather radar. We bundled up and drove carefully into town, went to the grocery store and made it back home without any problem.

We received quite a bit of snow throughout the day on Friday and it continued snowing until late afternoon on Saturday. While we were snow bound, Emily found some new ways to pass the time.

Programming web sites...

...and watching Mommy's screen saver of pictures of our family and friends. (She climbs up in the chair all by herself now with the help of a stool that she pushes around. This is where I found her while I was making cookies in the kitchen!)

Saturday evening Tom decided to shovel a path to his car and he even got brave enough to shovel most of the driveway out. We ended up canceling church and all church activities for Sunday. Maybe we can get another major snow storm next year at Daylight Savings Time! I actually got to sleep in on a Sunday!

We woke up to a beautiful landscape on Sunday morning. The gray, snowy skies of the past couple of days had passed through and we were greeted with sunshine and blue skies and near 40° temperatures. I stuck my head out the door and window to take some pictures and Tom ventured out to finish shoveling.

Welcome to our backporch! Care to have a seat?

Look! It's the *NEW* Tom Action Figure!

...neighborhood and car sold separately.

I handed Tom a yardstick so he could measure the snow on the top of the table on our deck. Yup, that's 28 inches!

Okay, so he accidentally let it slip between the gaps in the table top!

Supposedly, it was only 9 1/2 inches... but Marion officially recorded 14 inches of snow. We couldn't find too many places where the wind hadn't blown snow away or into drifts.

After shoveling and measuring, there was one final and major task to complete. Tom, being the ever-ready handy man was determined to climb up to the roof and clear all the snow away from our satellite dish so we could keep recording our shows on TiVo! (Tom gave up TV for Lent so we've been recording our favorites so we can watch them later.) Oh, yeah. Tom doesn't like ladders so this tells you how important this was to him!

And, just for another cute picture to add to today's entry. Here's the Mama Bear, Baby Bear, and Papa Bear shoe lineup for the weekend!

Happy Monday!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that is indeed a good amount of snow. We have not even had that much the entire winter so far, I don't believe.

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