Saturday, February 03, 2007

Blog Finally Updated Today

Heads-up Gang! This morning I was finally able to get a fast enough connection from the apartment to make it worthwhile to upload the previous blog entries that I haven't been able to post yet. They date from 1/25 - 2/2.

I've put placeholders in for pictures that I will upload in the future but as I was getting ready to do that this morning my connection slowed down dramatically. They're coming!

Happy reading!

(BTW - Emily is doing much better! Feeling better and starting to actually get cranky if I don't give her enough food. She's not shy about sharing her feelings!)

I'll work on another entry and will post it tomorrow.

Take care! 4 days and counting!

- - - - - -
On 2/3/07 Dima took us on a tour of the cathedral and war monuments while we were on a shopping excursion. He's an excellent tour guide and a FAST walker! But, it's really cute how protective he is of me while I'm carrying Emily. He helps me cross the streets without getting smeared by the cars by grabbing my elbow and giving me a nudge when it's safe. And... he lets Tom fend for himself... hehehe. ;-)

We walked through the park on the way to the cathedral and saw all these kids feeding the pigeons and playing with their toys. I'm a sucker for little kids and pigeons... it's like a scene out of Mary Poppins!

Dima offered to take a picture of us while we were there... Here's me with Emily in the Bjorn and Tom.

Here's the cathedral we visited. Like many other cathedrals in Soviet times this one was converted to a museum for quite a few years and then was reverted back to a cathedral after communism fell.

We walked a short distance past the cathedral and there was a large war memorial. Man, these guys like to commemorate their wars! There was a large monument, another eternal flame and lots of stuff written in Russian. For some reason, these memorials are also very common places for wedding parties to visit for photographs. While we were there we saw a Kazakh wedding party (pictured here) and a Russian couple that had gotten married. Both groups are very dressed very similar to how we dress for American weddings.

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