Monday, February 05, 2007

Of Bjorns and Bottles

LOL... so, Amy... you asked what a Bjorn is... ;-) This post's for you!

A Bjorn is a brand of front carrier. I bought mine at a 2nd hand kids shop and it works great for hauling Emily around in the grocery store so I can have my hands free. Think of it as a baby backpack... but I wear it on the front. I'm learning that she doesn't like it so much when she get too hot or doesn't like to be in it for too long.

- - - - - - -

Yesterday morning was too cute. I woke Emily up for her morning bottle and she was all smiles. She smiled when I picked her up from her crib. She smiled when I changed her. Best of all, she kept smiling while I was trying to feed her and was having a ball.

We spent the day yesterday inside and tried to get back to a regular schedule. It's going to be thrown off so badly in a few days, but schedules keep this baby happy right now. Tom ran (okay, not really, he walked) around the corner to the supermarket to pick up some more diapers and groceries but other than that it was nice to have nothing to do all day.
- - - - - - -

Today we have an appointment at the U.S. Embassy for our exit interview. More on that later.

We have also asked Dima, our driver, if he could take us to the mountains today. It's about a 30 min. drive but he will take us to the ski resort for lunch and we can ride the ski lift to take pictures and such. It's supposed to be really cold and we'll probably have a really cranky kid on our hands if we don't stick to her schedule today. More on that later as well!


Amy Kramp said...

It does make perfect sense that you (especially you) would have a backpack like thing for your child...Are you going to use your real backpack as a diaper bag? =)

Tom and Jenni said...

But of course!!!

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