Friday, February 23, 2007

Our Little Girl...

Just some quick photos to keep you guys entertained.

Emily borrowed a Bumbo from her cousin Abby. The Bumbo is the seat she's sitting in. It helps her get used to sitting up and helps her strengthen her tummy muscles so she can start sitting up on her own soon. It's also great to feed her in. At the babyhouse, they fed the babies while holding them. It takes some coordination and strong muscles for mom. You cradle her on your lap and tuck the arm closest to you around your side and hold onto the other arm while holding onto the food bowl/mug at the same time. The video that Tom took the first time I fed her (in a previous post) shows a better picture of how it was done. We followed the same practice while we were in Kazakhstan and for a couple of weeks after we got home, but now we need her to get used to sitting up and sitting in high chairs.

Emily likes to watch us work on our computers and she enjoys watching just about anything on TV (especially cartoons with music). "Somehow" the most recent episode of Heroes disappeared from our TiVo list before I had a chance to watch it so I watched it on the internet. Emily kept rolling over to me and finally propped herself up to watch the last 5 or 10 minutes with me.

I snapped this picture a few days before we left Kazakhstan while we were still in Almaty. I updated that blog entry yesterday with the photos and a video but it was too cute to pass up and post again. ;-D

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Beckie said...

I love the daddy daughter photo the cute.

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