Saturday, February 17, 2007

More visitors and PIZZA!

My cousin, Marla, and her daughter, Brooke, braved the snow on Thursday evening and came over for a quick visit with Emily. Emily had a blast and we enjoyed talking about baby stuff with them!

On Friday, we had a surprise pizza delivery. We had been given a heads-up to expect something but didn't know what or who the surprise meal was going to be from. Marla and Mom did a great job keeping the secret. Low and behold there were a couple of surprises:
1. Steve, Karen and Lauren Young had bought us pizza all the way from Arkansas and had it delivered!
2. We learned there's a place that actually delivers pizza to our house in Waldo!!!! There are 3 places in Waldo that make pizza but nobody delivers... except for a place that almost in Marion! Woohoo!

Thanks so everyone that have been following our blog and emailing us or leaving comments! We appreciate finding out who's been following along! Please continue to drop us a note every now and then! We're keeping the comments as part of Emily's lifebook when we convert the blog to an actual book for her!

Take care and be blessed!


Beckie said...

I love the idea of a surprise pizza delivery. How cool! So glad you are settling into life so nicely. Emily is adorable.

Steve said...

Glad to hear the pizza went over well. We love you guys and wish you all the best! We look forward to Emily's and Lauren's first play date.

marla said...

When Karen mentioned wanting to send pizza to you.... I knew just the place to have her order from, because we have discovered they deliver to our house took! We thought that might be an added bonus! Plus, it's the only pizza that Logan will actually eat the crust!

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